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Since working with Markus at UnderPar Golf Instruction, we have shaved 8 strokes off my 18-hole average. I've learned to manage my game effectively while possessing more confidence in my swing.
Adam Chatterton, Student
Markus Mielke is an excellent golf instructor - adults and children!!
Shelley Sollars, Student
I can highly recommend Markus and his knowledge of the swing and mental side of the game.
Paul Moran, Student
When I finally decided to take golf lessons after years of playing inconsistent golf, Markus gave me much better and consistent swing. Now I REALLY KNOW what a good shot feels like. Markus has helped me with all 14 clubs in my bag, driver through putter. I am so shocked with what I am able to do now, I constantly say WOW! That shot felt great!!
Darlene Jones, Student
The simulator is fantastic. Getting to use the same technology the pros do is pretty neat. The analytics that you can get about your swing can be helpful in a variety of ways, from helping to improve your swing to making sure your equipment is right for you. When you think about how valuable that knowledge is, and how many strokes it can ultimately save you on the course, you really realize the value of the simulator. Would absolutely recommend to any level of golfer looking to improve.

I think Mark's best asset is that he understands that each golfer has a unique swing and requires a custom approach, as opposed to forcing one swing thought on everyone. It doesn't feel like he's teaching out of a Golf Digest magazine. I also like the fact that he's a good golfer himself...I've always trusted a teaching pro who is a high level player as opposed to the opposite. If you want to cut some strokes from your scorecard, I'd definitely recommend Mark.
Jon Cumberworth, Student
I’ve dropped probably 10 strokes since I started consulting Mark about my golf game. His emphasis on making solid contact, regardless of your individual swing style is much preferred to one-size-fits-all coaching. Sessions with Mark are as laid back or intensive as you’d like them to be, and I’ve seen him help people who are just getting into golf as well as those who already excel and are looking to improve.
John Prosser III, Student